‘Everything about UVXX is really professional and is always delivered with a top notch service. I love their genuine passion for the scene and love the way they help new artists’
Tricksta (UK Runnings/Park Street PR)

‘UVXX gave me my first solo freestyle video and since then I have worked with them on many projects and watched them film other projects. The staff deal with everything like true professionals and the creativity in the music videos that they produce is limitless. If I needed a company to film anything from a short film, a music video or even a show, Urban Vibe  would always be my first choice’

‘UVXX showcases the real talents that most pig headed videographers choose to ignore, it has from day one gave the unheard voices a place to talk and I have no doubt it will continue’
D’Lyfa Reilly

‘UVXX is a great media outlet to find unsigned plus up-and-coming artists on if you’re really into your UK Hip-Hop. The odd flutter of Grime filters through now and again too. Urban Vibe is where I first spotted Riskit who I am now working closely with.’
Graeme Day (Once Upon A Grime)

‘UVXX are exceptionally good at what they do. Looking forward to doing some more work in the near future.’

‘UVXX bringing hip-hop and grime to the masses. Hardworking team making a true difference in how we choose to listen and watch music online. Highlight so far was “Big Dutty Deeze – This is England” UVXX matched a great track with a well produced video.’
Owen Jennings (Abel Clothing)

‘UVXX never failing to bring talent from across the UK to the people eyes and ears. Being mainly Hip-Hop that is on the channel I respect them for having an ear for other genres and different styles. Im sure they will get bigger and better as time goes on’

‘UVXX is one of the most professional media outlets I’ve dealt with. Doing a freestyle on their channel allowed me to broaden my fanbase in areas that weren’t familiar with me before. I watch the videos they put up regularly and they highlight some of the best up-and-coming talent in the UK.’

‘UVXX gives an incredible chance to unrecognised artists who want to showcase their talent to the worldwide audience. A lot of artists would be stuck on what to do if Urban Vibe  didn’t exist.’

‘The reason why I would reccomend artists to work with UVXX is because we are all on the same path on a different journey! They respect the path you chose and help you on that journey. They photograph thought aswell as givin you a platform to stand on!
always keep it 100 percent dead real. UV Salute!’

‘The UVXX team are an absolute credit to themselves, providing a great service and end product. Not just working to enhance the brand but also working for their love of music and the underground scene. It’s great to see.’

‘From working with the UVXX team they’re humble and easy to work with. They’re bringing a whole range of different ideas for videos in a professional way. I hope to feature on the channel again in the later future.’


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